The vinification

The vinification observes the criterions of modern oenology.

After the harvest, grapes are directly driven to the press room. At its arrival, the harvest is carefully controlled.

White wines, comes from Sauvignon grapes, pass through a pneumatic press and then they ferment at progressive temperature (15 to 18 °C) with stirring of the lees. The wine settles than on lees as long as possible to be fined with bentonite, then cooled and filtered over Kieselguhr.

In  best years, we make in white wine, a « Grande Cuvee »: harvested by hand, in our old vines (higher than 45 years). This cuvee is matured around two third in cask of 600 liters, which named « demis-muîts ».


The Sancerre Red Wine is completely picked by hand and selected before the destemming. The grapes are put to macerate for about fifteen days. Then it patiently aged in oak casks, until the first bottling a year following the harvest.

The Sancerre Rose Wine is vinified “in gris”, immediately pressed after the harvest.