Sancerre White Wine Grande Cuvée AOCprint

The SANCERRE WHITE WINE « GRANDE CUVEE » 2017 comes exclusively from the SAUVIGNON variety, over 2 hectares 93.

This vintage obtained the "TERRA VITIS" certification.
The best years only we produce this one. Indeed this cuvee is carefully selected among our old vines more than 45 years old: 60 % Caillotes, 40 % Terres Blanches.
The “Grande Cuvee” is completely picked by hand; the wine making is the same as for the white wine. This cuvee is matured 60 % in new oak casks of 600 liters, thermo-regulated.
The bottling is done 12 months following the harvest.



Appearance: An attractive straw yellow colour, bright and limpid.

Nose: First nose: Many aromas ferments with fruity shading and vegetable scents (fresh herbs). Fineness and complexity.

Upon aeration: A greedy sweetness with hints of exotic fruits and citrus (white peach) consolidated with minerality (note of vanilla and french brioche).
Palate: Rich and generous attack of crisp fruit (mango, pineapple). Fragrance of quince past.

Mid palate: Enhancer of ripe taste, a mix of vegetal (fern) and floral (orange blossom, honeysuckle). A honey oiliness.

Persistent end of palate, this wine is mineral (flint) and sweet spicy!

Superb terroir wine, strong and fine.

It is at its best when served as an aperitif or with fish in a sauce. It should be served at a temperature of 12 °C.

Its presentation, in a prestigious shaped bottle packaged in black and gold, offers an outstanding bottle that can even be given as a present.


Tasting notes provided by Gely Yveline, professional sommelier (Brevet Professionnel de sommellerie) 08/01/19.