Sancerre White Wine AOCprint

The SANCERRE WHITE WINE AOC 2017 comes exclusively from the SAUVIGNON BLANC GRAPE variety which is cultivated on 17 hectares (¾ Caillotes, ¼ Terres Blanches). This is our first vintage with TERRA VITIS agreement.

As soon as harvested, the white grapes are pressed in a pneumatic press and separated from the musts. The temperature during the fermentation is carefully controlled to give the wine bloom and elegance. The fermentation is made thanks to a fermenting starter of natural yeasts. Musts are regularly pumped over, then blended and after fined over bentonite. It is then cooled to avoid tartaric sediment and filtered through Kieselguhr.


The first bottling is made in May following the harvest.



Appearance: A brilliant and limpid straw yellow appearance.

Nose: The initial impression on the nose is one of fine intensity with varietal aromas of ripe fruit (apricot, plum, quince)

Upon aeration: The nose is sweet and fragrant, suggesting flavours of fresh herbs and citronella with floral notes (acacia, honeysuckle). Fermentation aromas (french brioche).

Palate: To attack the full-bodied wine relaxing into a subtle crisp and exotic fruits, white peach and citrus. Smooth mid-palate with fresh almonds and ripe fruits tones (perry and quince).

Heady and persistent end of palate supported by a mellow minerality.

A set of aromas of fruits, spices (cinnamon) and vanilla zest.

A greedy Sancerre wine with character.

It can be drunk as an aperitif. Served with starter dishes, it accompanies very well seafood and fish as well as the famous Chavignol goat cheese.

It should be served at a temperature between 8° to 10°.

Tasting notes provided by Gely Yveline, professional sommelier (Brevet Professionnel de Sommellerie) 14.06.18.