Sancerre Rose Wine AOCprint

The SANCERRE ROSE WINE 2018 comes exclusively from the Pinot Noir grape variety only cultivated on 1.90 hectares on calcareous-clay soils. 

This vintage obtained the TERRA VITIS certification, for more details please consult "Estate News".

Vinified « en gris » which means that the grapes are pressed as soon as harvested, it is pressed in a pneumatic press and separated from the musts.
The temperature during the fermentation is carefully controlled then filtered through Kieselguhr as for the white wines.



Appearance: A clear and bright appearance, a pure rose peony with silver reflections.

Nose: The nose holder a fine aromatic infusion (flowers and fruits) on a heart of orange blossom.

Upon aeration: Fragrance of red fruits (strawberry, currant)

Palate: A refreshing attack reveals a greedy notes of ripe fruits (balck currant, peach) and flowesr (iris, vine flower). Excitability and quality. The wine feast the palate with fruity and persistent hints.

Mid palate: Crunchy and rich, a fresh almond and currant ripeness. The wine place a minerality with fine and spicy tannins.

End of palate supportes by a measured strength and an aromatic persistence for the glamor.

Fresh wine for a suave spicy cooking.


It is at its best when drunk with starters cooked out of meat, liver and pork meat dishes. His wedding with white meat is very pleasant.

It is presented in transparent bottles. It should be served at a temperature of 8-10°C.

Tasting notes provided by Gely Yveline, professional sommelier (Brevet Professionnel) 28/02/19.