A Familial Estate

Following a long lineage of wine growers, Jean-Paul and Magali have, since forty years, patiently developed the familial estate. Now they are cultivating 24 hectares of Sancerre appellation (20 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc grapes; 4 hectares of Pinot Noir).

Their two daughters, Isabelle and Elise work in the midst of the society, which stays familial.

Isabelle,  oenologist and cellar master is responsable of  winemaking process. Elise, is in charge of administrative work and trade relationship. 

Jean-Paul is still passionate, he ends up training Julien, Isabelle's husband, to be responsible of the vineyeards. 

Our team composed of 5 employees help us to take care of the vineyeards.

Together, we give at the vines and the wines constant cares where blend: modernism, follow and respect of traditions, to obtain finesse and typicity.

We choose to work with TERRA VITIS agreement, our Wines come from sustainable viticulture.


Our concerns:

- respect and hear our environment and our terroir

- ensure the sustainability of our Estate